Officer Training - The Journey Begins Here

Department of Public Safety Training Division was established in Carson City, and the Division incorporated its training staff into this new Division, which provides training to all Public Safety peace officers. The training Division provides valuable training, as well as classroom space that is utilized by the Division of Parole and Probation frequently.

Parole and Probation Officers complete 480 hours of classroom and field training during their first year of employment. This training covers such topics as the history and organization of the criminal justice system, Nevada Revised Statutes, Department or Division Policy and Procedures Manuals, legal liability issues, ethics, time management, and personnel matters. Officers also receive instruction in caseload supervision. This curriculum includes the Division’s case management system, program referral orientation, pre-release, prison and parole board topics, substance abuse issues, crisis intervention and domestic relations, child abuse laws and skills in handling child abuse cases, report writing, and agency file set-up. In addition, all officers receive pre-sentence investigation training. This course includes investigative techniques in use of NCJIS, NCIC, SCOPE, NLETS, DMVI, and other investigative resources. Officers are also trained in interviewing and listening skills, dictation skills and courtroom demeanor.

Peace officer skills are presented in a curriculum of basic firearms orientation and Use of Deadly Force, range practicum, arrest procedures, control of prisoners and handcuffing, officer survival and defensive tactics skills, search and seizure, control of evidence, warrant processing and new charges, police communications, gangs, drugs and the occult, and home visit practicum. Each officer also receives quarterly weapons training and must qualify quarterly in addition to an annual firearms update session.

Officers are also required to complete training courses in defensive driving, health issues, Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, Affirmative Action/EEO, Stress Management and Burnout, Cultural Issues and Awareness, Interpersonal Relations and Conflict Resolution, Domestic Violence, Elder Abuse, Blood borne Pathogens and other health and safety issues.

Over the past several years, officers were elevated to the Category I Basic Law Enforcement Academy requiring 650 hours of peace officer training during their first year of employment. Officers and supervisors are required to participate in a minimum of 24 hours of refresher training a year. Staff members must also complete 5 days of State Personnel supervisory training when promoted into a management or supervisory position. 

Many officers and supervisors have attended additional training to enhance their professional skills. These courses have included the Drug Enforcement Administration’s Basic Narcotics Investigation School, sex offender management and training by other agencies in Officer Survival, Gang Seminars, Legal Liability Issues, Basic Management, First Line Supervision, Drug Abuse, AIDS Training, AIDS Refresher Training, Stress Management, Time Management, Affirmative Action, Working with Female Offenders, Training for Staff Trainers, and Advanced Training for Trainers. 

Please visit the Department of Public Safety's employment page to learn about how to become a Nevada Parole and Probation Officer.