Intensive Supervision Programs (ISU)

The Nevada Department of Public Safety, Division of Parole and Probation, has established the Intensive Supervision Unit to provide an enhanced level of supervision for certain offenders. The primary goal of supervision for offenders is total compliance with the terms and conditions of their parole or probation and insuring public safety. These offenders may be ordered into the Intensive Supervision Unit by the courts or Parole Board, but my also be assigned by the Division through an assessment process. Some factors that determine an offender's placement into the unit may include:

  • Crimes of Violence
  • Crimes involving drug trafficking or sales of controlled substance
  • Criminal activity of a sophisticated nature
  • Active gang affiliation
  • Sustained or chronic substance abuse history
  • History of mental illness

Once a probationer or parolee has been assigned to the Intensive Supervision Unit they are subjected to increased community contact from their assigned officer, frequent drug testing, searches, surveillance, and a lower tolerance for noncompliant behavior. Officers in the Intensive Supervision Unit maintain smaller caseloads in order to provide closer community supervision. 

Gang Unit

The Intensive Supervision Unit has two specialized sub-units that monitor offenders, which require specialized tactics and close scrutiny. The first specialized unit consists of offenders that are confirmed gang members or are known to actively participate in gang activity. The Gang Unit officers receive additional training to aid them in identifying gang affiliation, and work closely with other law enforcement agencies in gang suppression efforts.