Law Enforcement Liaison

Public Information and Education

The goals and objectives of the Law Enforcement Liaison for the Nevada Department of Public Safety Division of Parole and Probation (Division) are to build professional relationships within the Law Enforcement Community by promoting mutual respect, cooperation, assistance and education. Professional Law Enforcement agencies throughout the United States understand that mutual cooperation and information sharing is the key to increased Public Safety and Home Land Security. We must and shall work together to prevent crime.

The professional mandates and job functions of the Division are quite often misunderstood. This misunderstanding can lead to a lack of communication, cooperation and respect. The Division is determined to build partnerships with Federal, State, County and local Law Enforcement agencies including the District Attorney’s Office, the Judiciary and the Community. By fostering improved Professional relationships the Division will be contributing to a higher level of Public Safety for our Citizens and Visitors.

By improving our relationships and communication with the District Attorney’s Office and Judiciary we believe that we can resolve several Time Management Issues that will help to improve the overall operation of the Division. By improving relationships and understanding within the Law Enforcement Profession and utilizing shared resources we will all benefit from improved intelligence gathering capabilities, resources such as technology, manpower, specialized assistance and training. It is the goal of the Division to be leaders/innovators in our unique branch of the Law Enforcement Profession. 

The Division will begin this process by taking a good look in the mirror and evaluating where we are, where we need to be and how we will get there. That process is already underway. In the coming months, I will meet with every employee of the Division in the Southern District and we will discuss how we will meet our goals and objectives. Together we will build the bridges of cooperation and improve upon those already in place.