Pre-Release Unit


The Pre-release Unit coordinates the parole release process between the Nevada Department of Corrections and the Department of Public Safety Parole and Probation Command Offices in Nevada. Pre-release also initiates Interstate compact transfers for Nevada Inmates who wish to be supervised in other states. No inmate may be released on parole, regardless of the parole eligibility date, until they have a verified placement program approved by the Division.

The staff assigned to the Pre-release Unit also manage and monitor a caseload of prison inmates concurrently on active parole and/or probation cases.

The Pre-Release Unit is also responsible for coordinating the release of inmates to residential confinement programs. Once released the offender is still considered an inmate but is supervised by the Division. Since being implemented, these programs have proven to be successful and provide a cost efficient method of dealing with offenders that do not pose an immediate or violent threat to the community. In the case of the inmate house arrest programs, offenders are required to pay the costs associated with the electronic monitoring.

The Pre-release Unit maintains a list of licensed Halfway Houses, Transitional Living Facilities and Alcohol or Drug Abuse Treatment Facilities.

For further information contact NPP HQ at (775)684-2600 and request to speak with the Pre-Release Sergeant.