Victim Restitution FAQS


In order to ensure the Division of Parole & Probation is able to continue sending any restitution payments received, it is imperative that you notify us of any change of address. Nevada Revised Statutes 176A.850 and 176A.870 states, “Any amount of restitution remaining unpaid constitutes a civil liability arising upon the date of discharge” You may request a copy of the Judgment of Conviction from the County Clerk’s office where the case was tried. That copy, along with an Uncollected Restitution Notice from the Division, if the offender is discharged with an outstanding balance, may assist you in pursuing civil remedy for collection of the unpaid restitution by the offender(s) through civil action in the county of record. If you have any questions regarding this account, please call our main line at 775-684-2614, or email us at