Sealing of Criminal Records

It is not necessary to hire an attorney to seal your records.  Many of the counties and municipalities post instructions and forms to assist an individual in sealing their records (links are provided below.)  Additionally, not all conviction records can be sealed.  Sexual offenses and a homicide resulting from driving while intoxicated are examples of convictions which prohibit record sealing.

Sealing records DOES NOT destroy the records, in certain circumstances the records can be opened and reviewed (see Reopening sealed records.)  Sealing records DOES NOT restore the right to bear arms, only a pardon can restore the right to bears arms and is made more difficult to obtain by having the records sealed prior to receiving a pardon.


Nevada Revised Statute governing the sealing of criminal records

NRS 179 Section 245

Current Nevada state statute governing the sealing of records. Petition content is covered in §2 and excluded offenses are covered in §6

NV Pardons Board

This is the only path for restoring the right to bear arms

Nevada Board of Pardons Commissioners

The Nevada Pardons Board site, pardon applications, criteria for eligibility and contact information

Resources for sealing reords

Forms, instructions, manuals, classes to aid the sealing of criminal records

Legal Aid Center

Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada, source for free classes, sealing instructions and forms

Clark County District Attorney

Clark county District Attorney instructions and forms

Las Vegas Metro PD Info

Las Vegas Metro instruction and information

City of Reno

City of Reno instructions and forms