Fugitive Apprehension Unit (FAU)

The apprehension of fugitives includes the timely entry of warrants with appropriate cautions for law enforcement, the generation of leads by using resources such as local television and print media, follow up on leads from the community, coordination with other law enforcement agencies in attempts to locate fugitives and management of the extradition of apprehended fugitives from other jurisdictions.


Our primary mission is to protect the public by locating and apprehending the Nevada parole/probation fugitives.

Under the leadership of a Sergeant, the fugitive unit is staffed with ten highly trained employees. Once a Nevada parolee or probationer absconds from community supervision and becomes a fugitive from justice, the case is transferred to this specialized Unit for immediate action. Upon receipt, a comprehensive investigation is conducted to determine the fugitive’s whereabouts; and once their location is ascertained, the fugitive unit will facilitate and coordinate with division field officers or the local, state, or federal law enforcement agency of jurisdiction for an immediate attempt of service and apprehension.

The Fugitive Unit is responsible for offenders who have absconded from community supervision. The crimes these offenders have committed include murder, sexual assault, armed robbery, burglary, drug offenses and property crimes. Each offender represents a threat to the community and is taken seriously. Some are first-time offenders while others have established a history of violence, sexual crimes, and preying upon innocent victims.

The unit also processes the entry and clearing of warrants in the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) data base and the Nevada Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS).  

FAU may be contacted at NPP HQ (775) 684-2600 or the unit Sgt. at (775) 684-2603