The Business of Offender Supervision

Offenders come under the jurisdiction of the Department of Public Safety, Division of Parole and Probation through the District Courts, the Parole Board, the Nevada Department of Prisons, and the Interstate Commission for Adult Offender Supervision. Each offender is evaluated and classified according to their risk to the community and their need for community correctional services. High-risk offenders are provided the greatest level of supervision and scrutiny. Many high-risk offenders, including conditionally released inmates, fall under a zero-tolerance policy for incidents of noncompliance.

Each offender is given the opportunity to practice good citizenship. For those offenders who choose not to become good citizens, they are subject to arrest and revocation of their supervision that more than likely will result in incarceration

Each offender is reassessed every six months to determine if the level of supervision should remain the same, decreased or increased. Circumstances and events can cause immediate change in the supervision level of any particular offender. 

There are units in the Division that are tasked with the supervision of sex offenders, house arrest offenders, hardcore gang members, mandatory release parolees, drug court and mental health court, interstate compact offenders as well as general supervision offenders. The Division also has a training component dedicated to the training and professional growth of new officers through the use of field training officers.

It is the philosophy and practice of this Division that each offender is responsible for his or her behavior and for the choices they make each day.

Offender Supervision

Community corrections and public safety services for offenders

Intensive Supervision

Supervision and public safety

Residential Confinement

House arrest programs for non-violent inmates

Interstate Compact

Supervision arrangements for offenders to be residing in other states

Sex Offenders

Supervision information for sex offenders

Crime and Registration

Crimes which require registration